"The mind is a great healer."
                    - Hippocrates


Derek Walter - Tinnitus

I was introduced to Angela by a close friend and have been availing myself of her service for the last few months. She has an amazing ability to connect with who you are and what your need is. Angela is also incredibly generous with her time and effort in helping with whatever is troubling you. She has been able to help me in the treatment of my chronic Tinnitus and delivered a degree of peace to me that I had long ago despaired of finding anywhere. I will at any time be happy to speak to anyone in praise of Angela's services.

Pansy - Phobia - Medical Procedures

I have had a lifelong phobia of any medical procedures including dentistry and surgery. Last year (2020) I had to have planned lifesaving surgery and for the 5 months leading up to this surgery I did not function very well on any level. In fact, I don’t remember much of those 5 months because I was paralyzed with fear about the surgery. My phobia was recognized by all my health professionals, who urged me to seek counselling. I have had counselling in the past and never found it effective.  I went to traditional counselling anyway and it did more damage than helping me. My fear was so profound, I wanted to be dead. I didn’t want to harm myself but I would rather have been dead than face the surgery. I cried much of the time, disconnected with people, became isolated and introverted because the fear of surgery consumed me.


A very good friend suggested I have hypnotherapy to help me as I approached my surgery date. I was so deeply entrenched into my phobia; I couldn’t even help myself. Another friend also urged me to see a hypnotherapist who she highly recommended. My surgery was to go ahead in two weeks’ time and desperate for some help, I phoned Angela Christie. As it happens, both of my friends had steered me to the same Hypnotherapist. Neither of my friends knew each other and both spoke highly of Angela and assured me she could help me.


After phoning Angela and discussing my fear and concerns, she arranged a session to help me. I felt I needed another session with her because after all, this had been a lifelong phobia. I cannot describe the magic Angela performed except to say that after two sessions with her I felt relaxed, calm and ready to face my surgery without all the raging toxic fear which had previously flowed through every cell of my being. The actual session was calming, I felt safe with Angela and I really opened up and exposed my feelings, fears and concerns so that she had substance to work with.

I don’t really understand how hypnotherapy works but it does. I cannot thank Angela enough for helping me to transform my fear and terror into calm. I had my surgery, all went well. I must clarify here that I was not frightened of the healing, it was the actual surgery, being on the operating table and people cutting me open that terrified me. I have healed well, am still calm about the whole process and I believe that this calmness has aided my healing. I was open to healing and gave every ounce of faith that the process would help me. I can’t thank Angela enough for her gift of healing.        

Jazz H, Homemaker - PTSD 

My experience, in regard to PTSD and hypnotherapy… I honestly never thought it would work (and I’ve tried and done everything else!)

It’s been 17 years… I was desperate, and at the end of hope.  I met Angela thinking I would live the rest of my life chronically tired, continue to have bad insomnia and nightmares every night that kept me up… I was a new mum too, I had lost my identity, and was at the end of my tether.  I was worried one more bad night or one more hectic day with my screaming new-born and I was going to have a massive breakdown.  So, I thought this is my last shot.  If this cannot help nothing ever will.

I went to my first appointment with Angela, (who was recommended by a wonderful lady who had seen Angela to help her deal with her own ptsd) thinking I’ve never heard of it, it must be a joke. But I wanted to keep my mind open to any new options.  I thought I may be in there and out, but worth a shot!

I was terrified of the idea of what will happen to me going into my ptsd... but this has been the most non-invasive, calming way of treating it.  No drugs, no more frequent psychologist/psychiatrist appointments, no more medications added to my already big list of daily ones to take, no reliving my nightmares or PTSD like I thought would happen. 

I’ve done 10 sessions now and I feel like me again!  She didn’t just help me with my PTSD, she also helped me with my Postnatal Depression, she taught me to breathe, and she taught me how to retrain my brain and change my perspective on anything.  I’m not my own worst enemy, I am important enough to get through my PTSD.

You are not a random client or number in her eyes, you are a human being.. a person who deserves help, and a chance at a more bright and hopeful life!  Angela is the most kind, caring and thoughtful person who has changed my life and given me a whole new outlook on life, one I never thought I deserved.  I never would have been able to finally get through it without her help and knowledge.

Leanne - Grief / Loss

At the beginning of 2018, I lost my husband after a long and difficult battle with cancer. I thought I had prepared myself, but you can never really prepare yourself for something so heart wrenching.


After losing him and then trying to find myself, I knew I needed to heal. did all the right things...seen my GP, seen an amazing psychologist for grief counselling, had great friends and family for support...and I thought I was doing ok.


Even though I felt I was making slow progress, I couldn’t seem to move past a certain point. I was still feeling overwhelmed, still teary and still struggling to look forward to my new life.


I don’t believe in coincidences, but I do believe Angela and my paths crossed for a reason. Meeting Angela and asking her if she could help me was one of the best things that could have happened to me. I didn’t know much about hypnotherapy, but I knew I had absolutely nothing to lose by trying it.


What can I say...the best thing that I ever did? Yes! Life changing? Yes! Hope and happiness? Yes! I went to my sessions with an open mind and an open heart and only four sessions later, I knew I had hope, I knew I could be happy and I knew that the time had come for me to be grateful for the life I had.


I will never be able to truly express my gratitude to Angela. Not only is she a beautiful human being, but she is also an exceptional hypnotherapist...with a heart of gold.   For anyone struggling with grief, anyone feeling ‘stuck’, anyone feeling hopeless or just anyone struggling with life, I can’t recommend Angela’s service enough.

Mary, Teacher - Hypno/Calm Birthing

If you had asked me 2 years ago what I thought about hypnobirthing, i would have laughed and said it wasn't for me.  Fast forward 2 years, trying to navigate a long term health problem and suffering a miscarriage, I turned to hypnotherapy as a last resort.  And I’m so glad I did! I first worked with Angela after my initial miscarriage in order to work through some issues that I was sure were inhibiting my ability to have a healthy pregnancy. I soon realised how beneficial hypnotherapy can be in undoing a lot of background noise happening in your subconscious brain.  Then after 6 months, I found out I was pregnant again and I immediately contacted Angela to organise my hypnobirthing sessions. I had a strong belief that this was the way I was going to achieve a calm and safe space for bubba so she could enter this world in the way I wanted her to.

Angela, put simply, is amazing! I always left every session feeling so empowered and excited to tackle labour and life as a mother. I had looked into hypnobirthing courses online but none can do what Angela achieved for me. Each session was specially tailored to my exact needs and focused specifically on my individual fears and concerns. As much as an online hypnobirthing course claims to do this, it is impossible for a generic course to achieve this, no matter how much they say it can.

For someone who was terrified of labour, hypnobirthing took away that fear. I ended up having a natural labour (just gas!) and Anastasia came into the world as a water birth. I have never felt so empowered and strong as a woman in my life. I was able to take control of my birth journey, push aside all those horror birth stories I was sick of hearing and embrace labour for what it is-a natural, beautiful experience that brings life into this world. Even my husband couldn’t stop talking about how calm I was and how amazing I progressed through labour (and he’s not one to give compliments haha).

As long as you are happy to be open to the experience and do the work outside of the sessions, there is no reason hypnobirthing cannot work for you. The best part is that I could even utilise the skills during my pregnancy and am still using these tools in motherhood. It continues to allow me to stay calm and focused even while bub is screaming the house down!!

Angela, I cannot thank you enough or even put into words how much I appreciate all you’ve done for us. Your obvious care, empathy and passion for what you do shone through in each session we had. You really listened to everything I told you and incorporated it into the sessions. I always felt so supported and cared for and am so proud of what I was able to achieve with your help. Thank you, Anastasia and I can’t wait to hear about your future hypnobirth bubbas :)


Kia, Accountant - Anxiety

It’s a good feeling to not feel too anxious or scared about new things anymore.  I feel excited instead, it’s different but so good, I feel like I’m coming out of my shell but on my own accord and I actually want to.  Okay, it is awesome.  I’m very happy with the therapy and love the extra time as it’s good to talk things out!  I feel it’s been extremely beneficial, and my only complaint is that I didn’t start earlier! 

Kayla, Sportswoman - Pain Management

I’ve been diagnosed with a rare condition in my lower legs that is almost incurable. I suffered pain constantly for years and had to give up my sport until I found Ange... we only had a couple of sessions and I’m completely pain free! Would highly recommend thankyou so much !!

Lorraine, Certified Counsellor Relationship Training & Mediator
Trauma - Anxiety - Learning Difficulty

"I am a certified counsellor relationship trainer and mediator with a healthy practice.  Due to a childhood trauma I never learned to read or write properly till I was 27 yrs old.  I am now 68 yrs old and until I had a hypnotherapy session with Angela, when I read out loud I would create anxiety within myself and doubt my ability to read, where I would fumble over words.  Angela's amazing ability to create a safe sacred space where I felt comfortable to share my dark secret and her understanding and professionalism in her work.  I am now a confident fluent reader in front of my peers or anyone.  I feel like I've been set free, my deepest gratitude to you Angela." 

Rachel, Primary School Teacher - Phobia - Anxiety - Muscular Tension

"I have always been very skeptical of hypnotherapy and never quite believed it worked.  But after suffering from anxiety and taking up yoga, I thought I would give hypnotherapy a try.  I'll be honest, I didn't have much hope in it working as I didn't think I would ever be relaxed enough.  I was wrong.  Although the session brought my fears to the forefront, it meant I could tackle them head on.  I did end up in tears but not in a bad way, more so a bit of relief when speaking openly about fears that I had buried inside for a long time.  It wasn't as if I was sleeping as I remember everything that happened, it just felt as though a weight was lifting.  I came out of hypnosis feeling the most relaxed I have ever felt.  It was a though I woke up on a cloud, my mind was clearer and the tension I always feel in my neck and jaw had disappeared.  This was my favourite part of the whole session."

Karen, Homemaker - Weight Loss

"I have always had a problem with my weight.  I didn't want to diet, just be able to say no to those problem foods and eat less.  I never thought I could be hypnotised, but was willing to try it.  Angela made me feel so comfortable and relaxed.  After the first session I felt great, and wondered if it worked.  Surprisingly I found myself eating less and not wanting those problem foods.  I lost 1 kg the first week and continued losing weight.  I lost 4.5 kg in the first month.  It's made me change the way I think about food and only eat when I'm hungry.  After each session I seemed to learn more about myself each time.  I would definitely say to anyone that has any issues to give hypnotherapy a go."

Arty, Student Nurse - Self Discovery - Personal Growth

"When I think about my experience with Angela and hypnotherapy the words that pop into my head are "Growth and Self Discovery".  Hypnotherapy helped me to look within myself, identify goals and create clarity.   The sessions we had challenged me to grow and learn more about myself, things I didn't know before but were always there!!!  Hypnotherapy creates a deep state of relaxation that is super calming, an enjoyable experience."