"The mind is a great healer."
                    - Hippocrates


Rachel, Primary School Teacher
"I have always been very skeptical of hypnotherapy and never quite believed it worked.  But after suffering from anxiety and taking up yoga, I thought I would give hypnotherapy a try.  I'll be honest, I didn't have much hope in it working as I didn't think I would ever be relaxed enough.  I was wrong.  Although the session brought my fears to the forefront, it meant I could tackle them head on.  I did end up in tears but not in a bad way, more so a bit of relief when speaking openly about fears that I had buried inside for a long time.  It wasn't as if I was sleeping as I remember everything that happened, it just felt as though a weight was lifting.  I came out of hypnosis feeling the most relaxed I have ever felt.  It was a though I woke up on a cloud, my mind was clearer and the tension I always feel in my neck and jaw had disappeared.  This was my favourite part of the whole session."
Lorraine, Certified Counsellor Relationship Training & Mediator, Griffith
"I am a certified counsellor relationship trainer and mediator with a healthy practice.  Due to a childhood trauma I never learned to read or write properly till I was 27 yrs old.  I am now 68 yrs old and until I had a hypnotherapy session with Angela, when I read out loud I would create anxiety within myself and doubt my ability to read, where I would fumble over words.  Angela's amazing ability to create a safe sacred space where I felt comfortable to share my dark secret and her understanding and professionalism in her work.  I am now a confident fluent reader in front of my peers or anyone.  I feel like I've been set free, my deepest gratitude to you Angela."    
Karen, Homemaker
"I have always had a problem with my weight.  I didn't want to diet, just be able to say no to those problem foods and eat less.  I never thought I could be hypnotised, but was willing to try it.  Angela made me feel so comfortable and relaxed.  After the first session I felt great, and wondered if it worked.  Surprisingly I found myself eating less and not wanting those problem foods.  I lost 1 kg the first week and continued losing weight.  I lost 4.5 kg in the first month.  It's made me change the way I think about food and only eat when I'm hungry.  After each session I seemed to learn more about myself each time.  I would definitely say to anyone that has any issues to give hypnotherapy a go."
Tina, Office Worker and Mother
"I made an appointment to see Angela as a hypnotherapist to see if she could help with my weight issue.  I've read about how hypnosis could help with weight loss, going in deeper to uncover root causes of weight gain and addictions.  To be honest, I was hoping for a 'quick fix' but expecting nothing to work or change.  I was skeptical to say the least but I made the appointment so I went.    From first meeting Angela, I was immediately surprised at how down to earth and warm she was.  I was instantly comfortable with her and I had a good feeling about her personally.  She explained how and what the session would be like and if I was ok, to go ahead.  I was getting a good vibe so we proceeded.  The session was relaxing, comfortable and it felt safe, so I totally let go and I've got to say, after the session was over, I actually felt lighter, like I had lost kilos just sitting there.  I can't explain the feeling.  How could that be possible that I felt lighter just by someone talking to my unconscious.  I left feeling energized and in high spirits.  Over the next few sessions, the 'good feelings' got stronger and I felt lighter again.  In just 4 sessions, I had dropped a dress size.  My food choices kept getting better and better and I was more aware of what I was doing and feeling whilst I was eating.  I would definitely recommend Angela to help with all things issue related through her hypnotherapy method.  She definitely helped me and I will continue to work with her until I am happy with my weight.  Thanks Ang, my biggest thanks goes out to you for helping people deal with their issues on a deeper level.  See you soon for our next session."